Online Consultations

assess and treat your pains and injuries without the hassle of leaving your home

We provide online consultations to assess and treat your pains and injuries without the hassle of leaving your home. Most musculoskeletal injuries/pains are suitable for treatment via an online consultation. Although sports therapy is very hands on profession when treating injuries, we are still able to assess your injury and get your treatment/rehab journey started to get you on your way to being pain free through an online consult. Rehabilitation can be structured to do within your home under guidance and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that this is successful online.

Your online appointment will be no different to a face-to-face appointment. It will consist of taking a detailed history of your injury followed by performing certain movements and tests to assess your pain. These movements are no different to what we do in clinic. We will then come up with a detailed treatment/rehab plan specific to your needs.

How will it work:

Self-treatment techniques and exercises

We will run through self-treatment techniques and exercises with you to make sure you are doing them correctly. We will then keep in touch with you via email or phone to check up on your injury and to help with any queries related to your treatment and rehab plan

Follow up appointments

Follow up appointments are available if required (30 minutes appointment). These will consist of a reassessment of your injury/pain and a progressed treatment and rehab plan. Your therapist will inform you of when or if you need a follow up appointment.

For more information or to book an online consultation please call 07576 431213 or book online now: