Welcome to The Sports Therapy & Massage Clinic

Maximising body function and eliminating pain

Our mission is to keep you free from physical limitations by maximising body function and eliminating pain. From sports injuries to work-related injuries to the release of more general aches or pains, our therapists are dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of your body. Whether you suffer from problems caused by trauma, age related degenerative changes, arthritis, bad posture, sport, we treat all musculoskeletal disorders with the prime objective of improving your wellbeing.

Sports Therapy

Prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness.

Sports Massage

A focused, deep tissue massage that alleviates and rehabilitates the stresses and injuries put on the musculoskeletal system.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest standard of sports therapy and massage with a high quality, cost effective service in order to attain your goals. Our clinic is driven by our values of delivering a personal service to those in need of advice, treatment and rehabilitation with their injury or training in hopes we can make a positive impact on your life. Our goal is to assess the root cause of your pain/injury and we aim to identify and treat your musculoskeletal pain and symptoms whilst helping to correct the underlying cause.

Our clinic is fully inclusive, treating everyone from recreational and elite athletes to desk based workers, manual labourers, children, the retired and those with disabilities, offering the same skill and treatment with matching dedication whatever the problem.

Sports Therapy

prevention of injury and the rehabilitation to return to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness

Sports Massage

focused, deep tissue massage to alleviate and rehabilitate the stresses and injuries put on the musculoskeletal system


(extracorporeal shockwave therapy ), is an innovative therapy that can target specific pain in joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Dry Needling & Acupuncture

an effective treatment used on muscular trigger points and managing musculoskeletal pain and movement impairments.

Therapeutic massage

we provide a range of massages including deep tissue, hot stone, indian head, pregnancy and thai foot (and hand) massages.

Online Consultations

We provide online consultations to assess and treat your pains and injuries without the hassle of leaving your home. Most musculoskeletal injuries/pains are suitable for treatment via an online consultation.

Rehabilitation can be structured to do within your home under guidance and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that this is successful online.

Although sports therapy is very hands on profession when treating injuries, we are still able to assess your injury and get your treatment/rehab journey started to get you on your way to being pain free through an online consult.

Meet the Team

Hannah graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2016 with a first class honours degree (BSc) in Sports Therapy. Soon after graduating Hannah joined the team at Launceston Sports and Therapy, working here for three years before taking over the clinic with Paul in 2019 and rebranding it as The Sports Therapy and Massage Clinic.

Paul has been a qualified soft tissue therapist since 2010 having completed his level 5 professional diploma at the Oxford School of Sports Massage and has since gone on to increase his skill set with further courses to improve the level of service and care to his clients.




“As well as her obvious talents in treating sports injuries, I can testify to Hannah’s additional skills in helping to keep her older patients fit and active.”

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“The inevitable pains and stiffness of advancing years melt under the magic of her fingers improving the general quality of life. I can walk and swim further, and be in the garden for longer than I could without her help.”

“A career in the military is extremely rewarding. It offers all the opportunities, challenges and friendship that a person could ever want but it comes at a price.”

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“Years of exercises, physical training and load carrying take their toll on the body and I soon found that I awoke in the mornings feeling stiff and started getting recurring injuries. With a big career course approaching, I sort out professional help which is where I met Hannah. I’d had sports massages and physio appointments before and found them to be helpful but none so much as Hannah. From the very start of the first appointment, I felt in safe hands. Knowledgeable, professional and extremely capable, she set about her assessment and actioned a plan to correct my issues with her impressive grip strength. I walked out of that first appointment, not only feeling better physically but also knowing that Hannah had invested in my recovery and a few short weeks and another appointment later, I started my course. 18 months later, I am in a much better place professionally and physically and I owe much of my recent success to Hannah. I can’t recommend her highly enough and I will continue to see her so that she may help me to reach my fitness potential. 10/10. Nick Coleing”

“I injured my ankle whilst playing football and I didn’t find Hannah until a few months after I sustained my injury, how I wish I’d found her sooner!”

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“After my first session with her she had told me exactly what I had done and began to build a rehab programme to get me back playing. I had these sessions weekly and every week I could see/feel progress.
Nothing was ever too much trouble for her, she was always happy to help and if I had any problems away from the sessions she’d never take long to reply to my queries.
She is one of the nicest, caring people you’ll ever meet and she always has a smile on her face.
7 months after sustaining my injury I made my comeback, and I can’t thank Hannah enough for all her hard work and help that she gave me throughout the time I was injured and even after I’d gone back playing. One in a million! Tash Knapman”

“I had the pleasure of working with Hannah for 2 seasons playing football for Plymouth Argyle Ladies During which I picked up a few injuries.”

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“These kept me out of playing for a few weeks (ankle ligament injuries) but also had quite a few niggling ongoing injuries that still allowed me to play, but had to manage the pain of playing through them.

I wouldn’t have been able to do that without Hannah’s help throughout both seasons, especially the last one.

Not only did I pick up some niggling injuries but also new injuries to my knee, hip and hamstring which could have resulted in my season being ended early, but Hannah’s patience, knowledge and experience ensured I was able to play on through the season.

Hannah’s attention to detail was always very good. Even though I knew a lot about my body and my previous injuries she was still able to give me new ideas to try to ensure I could recover quicker and to be able to do more rehab at home throughout the week. When there was an injury she would always ask me questions to narrow the process of elimination down, along with movements with my body to ensure she knew exactly what my problem was. I was diagnosed by one person with a quad problem, whereas Hannah eventually worked out it was actually my hip that was causing the issue, so we worked together on helping my hip problem which solved all the other minor problems I was having.

I also received numerous massages from Hannah (atleast 1 a week) on my calves in particular. This ensured I was able to play without getting cramp. She knew how hard to go to prep me for the game and would use K tape and zinc oxide tape on my calves and ankles to ensure I was game ready.

Without Hannah’s help in those 2 seasons I would have probably had to have retired early due to my niggling injuries. Hannah’s willingness to always help me, no matter how much I moaned always got me through every Sunday match day and I would recommend Hannah to any sports team.